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$UNDOGE has been meticulously modeled to succeed regardless of whether it's 'bulls or bears' because 'humans' are involved.

Total Supply: 1 billion

If a successful fundraising event targeting the bootstrapping of LP occurs, 80% of the supply will be allocated, with 10% designated for airdrop and 10% for project development and growth.

  • 40% to presalers

  • 40% to LP (to be burnt)

  • 20% of the growth and development of $UNDOGE and our parent project $XSYOP.


In the event that we launch $UNDOGE without a fundraising event, we'll choose to lock the LP instead of burning it. 80% of the supply will be allocated to the LP, with 10% designated for airdrops and 10% for project development and growth.

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For the sake of world adjustment, $UNDOGE will offer a wide range of evolutionary utilities, particularly those involving humans.


Access to an exclusive community

To streamline and ensure sustainable autonomous growth for Project UNDOGE, our model will consist of 1,000 P2P humans with access to a gated community. Membership in this community will require holding a specified amount of $UNDOGE.


Pay with $UNDOGE

During the Humanistic Phase of our roadmap, we will develop a wide range of human-powered services accessible through payment with $UNDOGE."

During the DAPP phase of our roadmap, you will have access to exclusive UI perks and services using $UNDOGE.




Below are the set of milestones we will look to attain in the near term.


  • Curate the first 1000 #undoge memers through a meticulously planned airdrop campaign.

  • Select the first 1000 core team members for our exclusive gated community.

  • Reach a milestone of 10,000 community members. Create and publish the first 1000 #undoge memes as a project.

  • Create and publish the first 10,000 #undoge memes as a community.

  • Document the first 100 videos (including live streams) about $UNDOGE.

  • Complete the first 100 space events on X, featuring our community.

  • Introduce the first 100 #undoge-themed events.

  • Expand #undoge's reach through partnerships with 10 independent memecoin projects.

  • Introduce 20 memecoin projects to the #undoge brand of memes.



  • Develop a DAPP that streamlines the process of creating #undoge memes.

  • Introduce an undoge-store to rank and feature independent projects that adopt the #undoge brand of text-centric memes, as well as upcoming memecoin projects that revolve around the meta of text-centric memes.

  • Develop a DAPP that provides projects and individuals with all the tools and support they need to create a project revolving around our brand of #undoge memes.

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