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Who We Are

If only humans truly had their creative powers intact, they wouldn't have to suffer from a lack of knowledge.

With limited creative powers, humans have evolved based on partial knowledge: outer space knowledge; book knowledge.

The books have been written; there needs to be documentation of the no-books.

Outer space knowledge has almost been fully conveyed; who will communicate down-to-earth knowledge?


Humans have remained lost in a painted world. Based on half-knowledge, humans end up being half-humans, lost until revelations are complete and a hybrid knowledge is formed, comprising the books and the no-books, the outer space and the down-to-earth.


It is forthcoming. #undoge is coming.


Do you understand our vi-mission better now?


Via the entire #undoge movement, humans will have their creative powers restored, a significant portion of down-to-earth knowledge will be revealed, and the no-books will be documented.

The dis-irony? Much of this will be accomplished through memes and the memecoin '$UNDOGE'.



Remove barriers to entry from the art of creating memes to unlock a powerful creative art that humans have been deprived of, by introducing a new breed of text-centric, web3-native, humanistic Undoge-type memes that are meticulously crafted to return value to humans and emanate P2P humans.


We'll link every memecoin.

We'll parent every memecoin.

We'll partner every memecoin.

We'll resound every memecoin.

We'll unite every memecoin.

We'll introduce a new breed of #undoge memes.

We'll talk with #undoge memes.

We'll reply with #undoge memes.

We will reveal things using #undoge memes.

We will adjust the world with #undoge memes.

We'll return value to humans through #undoge memes.

We create an #undoge movement with #undoge memes.


#UNDOGE will be powered by $UNDOGE.


$UNDOGE will succeed whether bulls or bears because humans are involved.

Involve humans.

Dis-involve bulls or bears.

Return value to humans.

Unite memecoins to return value to humans.

Emanate p2p humans.

Celebrate the resulting breakthrough in human.

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