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My username across the internet is @surpassinggoogle, and I am not so anonymous after all, considering my ambition, that of 'surpassing google'.

#undoge is an entire movement to this very effect. Guarded by a surpassinggoogle paradigm, #undoge is bound to reveal many untold things.


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The $UNDOGE Story

The #undoge movement aims to restore value to humans through memes. We've intricately crafted a novel genre of web3-native, text-centric humanistic #undoge memes. These aim to redirect focus and value back to humans. In today's landscape, memes and memecoins often steal the spotlight for their entertainment and financial returns, overshadowing the individuals behind them.


Consider the meme industry. With the permanence of blockchain, one would expect a surge in unique blockchain-born memes that carry world-adjusting capacity and reflect the innate beauty of p2p humans.


However, are we truly harnessing this potential, or do we worry too much about meeting the standards imposed by third-party influences? Are we still creating memes in Web2 fashion all over again on Web3, always sourcing popular images and popular quotes, or have we developed a unique p2p-prone approach to memeing?

Are we consciously applying the art of content creation (memeing) towards our own evolution and to reveal things relevant to global evolution, or are we still so influenced by popular standards? Are we using Web3 solely to satisfy the indexes ‘bulls or bears," or are we also conscious of incorporating a human index?

Are we keen on attracting whales, or is appealing to humans of more pertinence? Are we still limited in our creative expressions while memeing due to fears of not going viral or achieving perfection? Will memes continue to be solely entertainment-focused and reward-driven, following the patterns of the past, or can they unlock new relevance by becoming powerful world-adjusting tools?

Memecoins, driven by the power of p2p humans, have the potential to appeal to the soft spot of every human. But are we still held back by concerns such as shadow bans? Have we managed to create a distinct breed of memes that are born out of blockchain and its ideals?

Have we truly evolved web3-native content forms, or are we attempting to build a regulated web3 using the same content forms that have existed thus far, such as blogs, vlogs, memes, and gifs?

The #undoge movement signifies a significant global shift, but its impact may go unnoticed unless individuals embrace their p2p nature and reclaim their autonomy as independent beings rather than mere objects within a collective identity.

By removing barriers from the activity of creating memes, we can restore humans' innate ability to express themselves through this medium. With the emergence of #undoge memes, people can now freely create memes without the fear of third-party authorization.

This eliminates the need to rely on internet-sourced materials, allowing a meme to become a reflection of one's unique and evolving self per instance. Even if a meme consists solely of text, as long as it was consciously created by you and captures your very essence, we will welcome it and accept it.

Through this medium, we can illuminate the brilliance of humans and highlight the inherent uniqueness of blockchain technology as a tool for p2p humans. Blockchain technology can then become truly revolutionary by perpetually showcasing the creative expressions of revolutionary individuals.

As a result, factors like bulls, bears, SEC, and money become inconsequential as third-party influences. 


$UNDOGE is set to parent every existing MemeCoin.


Don't fade $UNDOGE.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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